Distribution Policy

We love sharing our jewelry with as many people as possible….after all, a growing brand is healthy for everyone. We also understand the importance of protecting our current retailers and nurturing the business they’ve created. We’ve created a distribution policy that keeps these two goals in mind.
We search the zip code of every potential account before opening it. Customers purchasing $5000 annually will be included in this search. We will determine on a case by case basis whether or not there is a conflict of interest. We will always try to let you know if we are opening an account in your area, and we are happy to listen to your feedback on the subject.
Only customers purchasing $15,000 annually (Pearl Club Members) are eligible to apply for zip code exclusivity.
It isn’t black & white, so we aim for transparency. You can trust that we will always try to make the decision that reflects the best interests of both the brand and your business.