The Inside Scoop...Our NEW 'World Travel' Set

John is inspired by his travels and the nostaglia that his 'flea market finds', he tells all about our latest & greatest charms.

John Flea Marketing at the Pasadena Rose Bowl


NY World's Fair—"I'm crazy about the World Fairs of days gone by…  The utopian notion of a world united by progress, culture, and travel is so uplifting. This souvenir from the 1939 New York World's Fair is a real gem—the original is very rare and collectible, so I was excited to reproduce it and spread the positive message 70+ years later."

Padlock Heart—"A symbol of everlasting love, the love padlock  can be traced to originating in Europe but appears in Asian cultures also. This one is from the Portobello Road Market in London...a must see if you are in London, but to be honest, I didn't make it all the way through the last time I was there—the place was just mobbed, and the 'finds' of the past seemed like a thing of the past. (It's been moving in that direction for a long time, I know. I just haven't wanted to admit it!) Still, I did find this beauty~ "

Curiosity Key—I'd never been antiquing in Italy before, so was excited to discover a town square-like district in Florence—with both indoor and outdoor stalls, and lots of authentic vintage finds spaced out between the leather crafters (a big business in Italy…)  I found this key in a stall that sold hardware—knobs, hinges, and a million old keys.  I liked how graphic it was, elegant and almost whimsical~

Talk about international appeal! Learn how John traveled the globe to find these great charms

 Vizsla Tag—"A 1942 dog tag from Hungary. This one was an ebay find—Ebay is my 'default flea market' when I'm home. On this particular day I was looking for fun dog things, and this just jumped out at me. I love the shape of the dog tag, the handsome dog, and the fact that it's an image of a Hungarian Vizsla with Hungarian writing on the back! (On a personal note, my paternal grandfather was from Hungary, so it had extra meaning for me…)"


L.A. Turf Club—"Whenever I visit our friend Dinah and her wonderful San Marino, CA shop, Lexington Place, I try to piggy back it with a visit to the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market.  And I always look for items that evoke the nostalgia of  Old Hollywood—here I imagined that Cary Grant had tucked his Ferragamo loafers in the locker and headed for the pool (hey, a guy can dream!)" 

 Eiffel Tower—"I have to confess, this one did not start out vintage, it was modeled on a retro souvenir I picked up from one of the stalls lining the Seine.  The scale is what got me—so much fun!"