In Loving Memory... Dina Wind (1938-2014)

Dina Wind, 1938-2014

 It is with a heavy heart that I share this news.

My Mother, Dina Wind, died on September 9 after a valiant 3 year dance/battle with ovarian cancer.

Almost to the end she kept up her rich and varied life, juggling her matriarchal roles as wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, and friend; and her professional roles as artist and patron of the arts. 

She was a huge influence on my creative life—I remember sitting with her as a little kid playing with colorforms… taking ceramics and guitar classes together in 5th grade; going to her abstract metal welding classes when I happened to have a day off from high school.

By the time I got to college I knew I wanted to be an artist, and I knew that I had her support and faith (especially if I could figure out a way to make a living at it too!)

Once I started designing jewelry, we discovered so many overlapping interests and inspirations. I basically started by shrinking down her flea market assemblages and turning them into my own funky brooches and pendants.  My ‘double brooches’ from the ‘80’s in turn became her ‘brooches for buildings’. 

In the last decade I shared her art studio as well, spending many weekends there creating my own sculptures, collages, and installations.  Her aura was a powerful presence in the space, and now it will be even more profound—encouraging me to be free and creative, take risks, march to the beat of my own drummer…

Over the years I’ve thought alot about the jewelry she wore during my childhood, and found inspiration there as well.  The whole sentimental aspect of jewelry, memories of the past, links to the future... I saw it in action by watching her relationship to the jewelry she inherited from her own mother.  And in the choices and plans she made for her granddaughter… 

As you can imagine, she was a huge fan and booster of Maximal Art, and it goes without saying that she has the largest collection of it in the world!  She was, and will remain, the original John's Gal. When she would demure from picking something new, saying she had enough, I would reply that she was doing me a favor--she was maintaining my archive.  Well, little did I imagine I would be claiming that archive so soon…

Mom, you will be missed.

John and all your friends and extended family at Maximal Art